August 2012

Access Your Account — Online!

Want to pay your assessments online, check your ARC history, or follow-up on that recent compliance issue? Thanks to our management company, The Management Trust-Northwest, you can access all that information and more using their convenient web portal feature. And to make it even more convenient, we’ve added a permanent link to the web portal login page on the right sidebar.  If you have misplaced your web portal login, please contact the management company to receive this information.

Summer Reminders

Summer is a great time to take care of some of the following clean up items on your lot:

  • Wood Trim Painting:  Some homes are showing signs of paint peeling on the wood trim of the home.  Please check your residence for any work to be performed.  Remember that if you are changing the color of your residence, you will need to get architectural approval first.
  • Moss Removal: Many times in our climate, moss will begin to grow on your roofs, walkways and/or driveway. You may want to hire a professional to treat the roof so that the moss does not get out of hand.
  • Gutter Cleaning: Please check your gutters for any cleaning needs inside and out.
  • Wood Fence Painting/Staining: Please inspect your wood fencing for any possible painting that needs to be scheduled.
  • Rear Yard Landscaping: Please begin mowing and weeding in your rear yard so that your lot remains in good order.


Now that summer is here and the irrigation systems are running, please let us know if you see any sprinklers that need attention such as broken heads, misdirected sprayers, etc. You can report any issues to your Community Manager via email. Thank you for helping us keep the landscaping healthy!

Local Events

If you’re looking for a great pastime, the Tigard Public Library has a lot of great programs and events.  Check out what’s coming up on their website.