November 2012

Fall Reminders

  • Gutter Cleaning:  please have a look at your gutters.  They may need to be cleaned out due to leaf debris.
  • Irrigation:  the common area irrigation is off and will be winterized soon.  If you have rear yard irrigation, you may want to do the same to avoid any potential for pipes bursting due to freezing temperatures.

Access your account…online!

Want to pay your assessments online, check your ARC history, or follow-up on that recent compliance issue? Thanks to our management company, The Management Trust-Northwest, you can access all that information and more using their convenient web portal feature. And to make it even more convenient, we’ve added a permanent link to the web portal login page on the right sidebar.  If you have misplaced your web portal login, please contact the management company to receive this information.


  • Trash cans: Keep trash cans and recycle bins out of view. Please remember that trash and recycle containers should only be placed out on the regularly scheduled trash pick-up day.
  • Parking: Please do not store any vehicles in the street and be considerate to not park too close to the corners so that there are no visibility issues for other vehicles.