September 2015

HOA Meeting

The next HOA meeting is scheduled for January 19th, 2016, at 7 PM at Christ the King Lutheran Church.


New Board Members

Please welcome Mario Roxas and Craig Miller to the Arbor Pointe HOA Board.

Mario Roxas

Hi Arbor Pointe HOA Members! My name is Mario Roxas. My family and I have lived in Arbor Pointe since the summer of 2011, when we moved back to our home state of Oregon from Sandpoint, Idaho. I really enjoy living in this neighborhood, and I appreciate the work of our board to help maintain the quality of our surroundings. I have decided to join the HOA board because I want to play a role in helping maintain that quality of life we have all come to appreciate here, and also help foster a greater sense of community among our members. I am truly honored to serve on your board, and I look forward to connecting with you some time!

Craig Miller

Hello neighbors!  My family has enjoyed living in Arbor Pointe since 2007.  I’m happy to be supporting the community by serving on the board, which continues to do a good job of managing our neighborhood issues.  I look forward to seeing all of you around the neighborhood and at the upcoming meetings.


Website Updates

I’m looking for some thoughts and ideas on how to improve the Arbor Pointe website. Is there anything you’d like to see or share with the community? Would you like to have announcements posted? Please e-mail me with your ideas.